Recycling of Metals

A big part of our business is the purchase of non-ferrous metal – copper, brass, lead, aluminium, stainless steel etc at very competitive prices, as well as the ferrous side – cars, vans, and all metal (garden gates, tin sheets, girders, steel wire, old cookers, washing machines etc).

We feel that this is a very important recycling facility that is a huge benefit to the local area, as well as doing our part to protect the environment.

Accurate Weighing

Here at Arch Motors we have recently opened our new 20 foot, 20 tonne weighbridge facility. It allows us to accurately weigh in all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paying you with complete accuracy to assure you that you receive the full value of your goods.

Our weighbridge facility enables us to simply drive your vehicle on, take the weight and pay you – it’s as simple as that! We can also weigh trailers and vans full of scrap metal in the same way.

From a Carrier Bag to a Van Full…

You don’t however, have to bring a van full. We have scales to weigh small amounts – you’d be surprised how much a carrier bag full of copper pipe or old brass ornaments will fetch!

Prices for Brass and Copper Recycling

Prices of non-ferrous metal changes on almost a daily basis so it is advisable to ring us for an up to date price on the day.

Important Notice

As of December 3rd 2012 all customers who are bringing in metals or vehicles will have to produce a current and valid photographic identification ie.passport or drivers license AND another form of identification to verify their address ie.a utility bill. As of December 3rd 2012 all metals and vehicles will be paid for in cheque form in accordance with the scrap metal dealers bill. If customers cannot produce both forms of identification they will not be paid.